Gramer photoI am an Assistant Professor of Written Communication and Director of the First-year Writing Program at Eastern Michigan University (EMU), with a PhD in rhetoric and composition from the University of Louisville.

At EMU, I am committed to feminist mentoring, pedagogies, and administrative actions that increase transparency, support students, and advocate for educational equity. Currently, I am focusing on the teaching and mentoring of first-year writing students and new first-year writing teachers. My work with these groups is characterized by rhetorical listening, ethics of care, and digital and multimodal pedagogies to facilitate collaborative, active learning.

In my research, as in my teaching and administrative work, I explicitly create space for newcomers’ identities and experiences to feel valued and to be framed as valuable. My dissertation, “Stories at Work: Restorying Narratives of New Teachers’ Identity Learning in Writing Studies,” began a longitudinal artifact-based interview study eliciting stories of teaching and learning from new graduate student writing instructors. Grounded in deep rhetorical listening to newcomers’ stories, this project is currently in its fourth year with the primary goal of activating narrative as a complex interdisciplinary feminist methodology for tracing the situated identity learning of new writing teachers both in and over time. In addition to narrative research and new writing teacher preparation, my research areas include feminist methodologies and pedagogies, digital pedagogies, and community engagement at the intersections of gender, disability, identity, and education.

I have collaborative publications in Computers and Composition Online, Kairos, and College English. I have also published in JAC and in Writing for Engagement: Responsive Practice for Social Action (an edited collection from 2018) and contributed to “Passageways and Betweenity: A Brenda Jo Brueggemann Retrospective” as part of Composition Forum’s Special Issue on Composition in the Presence of Disability. Currently, I have two chapters accepted for edited collections under review: Not Nearly All in a Row: Liminality and Variation in the Composition and Rhetoric TAship and Mobility Work in Composition.

My teaching experience includes graduate-level writing pedagogy and first-year writing courses at EMU; graduate-level Education, first-year composition, and American literature courses at the University of Louisville; first-year composition courses at Valencia College (Kissimmee, FL); and dual-credit, Advanced Placement, American literature, and research writing courses at St. Cloud High School (St. Cloud, FL). In all of my teaching, I prioritize creating structures for collaborative, active learning, and I emphasize the rhetorical and pedagogical affordances of digital media, visual rhetorics, and multimodal composing. logo